Don't Let a Damaged Tree Fall Onto Your Lawn

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Do you have a dead, dying or dangerous tree in your yard? Is there a tree in the way of a current construction project on your property? If so, it's time to call S M Landscaping, LLC. We offer custom tree and brush removal services. We'll take your needs and budget into account. Our team will provide safe, expert landscaping services.

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Get rid of dangerous or annoying trees and branches

When you have a tree that is threatening your home, family or pedestrians, it's important to take care of it before an accident happens. Even large dead limbs on healthy trees can create a dangerous potential situation. Act quickly to protect the beauty and safety of your trees. A tree should be removed if:

  • It's in the way of a deck, patio or part of your home
  • It's dropping small limbs, leaves, nuts or sweetgum balls on your porch or patio
  • It's dead and poses a falling risk
  • It has already fallen into your yard

The team at S M Landscaping can remove trees that are leaning as well. Our landscaping services include removing the entire thing and hauling it off your property. No matter whether the tree was sick or simply felled by weather, you can count on us.

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