Want to Get Rid of That Old, Rotting Stump in Your Yard?

Remove it with our stump grinding service in Norwalk, CT

If you have a stump left over from a previous tree removal, it can cause problems in your yard. S M Landscaping, LLC can help by providing our stump grinding service. One of our most popular lawn care services, stump grinding starts by cutting stumps down to six to eight inches below ground level. We'll then grind it up and remove the debris, leaving your lawn clean and obstacle-free.

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Do you really have to remove old stumps?

You may be wondering if it's really necessary to remove that old stump from your yard. When a tree is removed, the stump may look clean for a bit. However, it will eventually start to rot and crumble. It can be a haven for termites. We want your lawn to look good. Choose our lawn care services when you need stump grinding for your yard.

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